1. W

    For Sale Shimano Saint M810 crank set with 38t E13 chainring

    2014 Shimano Saint M810 crank set for 83mm BB and includes 38t gold E13 guide ring I'm located in Santa Cruz, California
  2. ocelot

    For Sale 2014 Turner DHR medium, complete bike

    2300 USD obo 2014 Turner DHR medium very well maintained and in excellent condition. Warranty is still valid until mid-July 2016. Nothing needs to be fixed, it is ready to go as is. Plenty of extras included!!! There are a few small scratches here and there, but everything is purely...
  3. prestonDH

    LG1R crank install issues

    I just bought the 170mm lg1r cranks for my evil undead, i also purchase the 83mm TiNi e13 bb. The spindle is the 123mm and not the 113mm so I know that is not the issue. I installed as per the instructions. Greased the threads for the BB. Since it was 83mm I put one black plastic spacer...
  4. BikeFan84

    Sram has some competition for XX1 cranks...

  5. P

    e*thirteen DH Cranks are in

    Hey guys, I know a bunch of you might have been waiting for these to come in, and as of afternoon...they are! MSRP is $299 with BB tool, no Chainrings (we do have a lot of options). Give the guys a shout - 707.765.2770 http://e13bythehive.com/news/ethirteen-dh-crank/#more-37 Right now...
  6. P

    Guide fitment on Ibis Mojo HD

    Hi all, I recently had the time to go over guide fitment with one of the new Ibis Mojo HD rigs. With a little bit of fiddling I successfully rigged up a DRS, SRS+ and LG1+ and here are the results. There are a few details with the setup that I would also like to point out. The super...
  7. P

    XCX Seat Tube Mount Prototype

    November 16, 2009 – e*thirteen has gotten a very positive response from last weeks release of the new XCX (“X-Country & Cyclo-X”) bottom bracket mount chainguide. The new XCX began shipping out to distributors over a week ago. With the introduction of the 10 speed cassette for off-road use...
  8. P

    Guidepicker 2.0 User Feedback

    Hi all, This thread is for posting up any frame(s) you may have/want that are not currently listed on Guide Picker 2.0. We want GP 2.0 to be the most extensive frame database ever, and with your help we can make it possible. If you are looking for fit information on a model that is not in our...
  9. P

    e*thirteen forum FAQ

    Here are a few of the questions that we frequently see from many people. If you have any specific questions, by all means email or call us! 1. Is my new 2009 LG1 wearplate interchangeable with my 2009 SRS chainguide system? In order to maximize weight reduction, performance and strength all...
  10. jvnixon

    Infiltrating e*thriteen Videos!

    Check it out if you're interested. Got some interviews and some cool background info from the guys from e*thirteen up (including the now repaired philw86 who had a broken collar bone :) ) http://www.sicklines.com/2009/10/05/ethirteen-east-coast-chronicles-part-1-inside-the-company/#more-6621