endurance racing

  1. L

    The Hardest Day I've Ever Had - Part 1 of 3

    This is a 3-part series I'm writing for our blog. I figured I'd share it with some other racing junkies. Some days are hard. What an understatement. We all have them though. There’s no getting around them, no avoiding them, no putting them off. Sometimes you can see a hard day coming...
  2. H

    New video from La Ruta 2011

    Hey, just watched this video on this years La Ruta, loved the helmet cam footage of the infamous bridges...tough race. Photos from the race are posted there also..
  3. M

    Red Bull Final Descent/Burner 2010

    Just heard that the Red Bull Burner (which is actually getting a new name the RED BULL FINAL DESCENT) 12 hour downhill enduro is on for October 9th 2010 at Angel Fire Resort, NM. So stoked! Red Bull has also scheduled to host the event as a series and has added Winter Park, CO on Sept 18th...
  4. TryFour

    2009 Dirt Sweat & Gears Shindig - May 9th

    Spring is in the air...and Yazoo is in the glass. Howdy folks! We've got just under 60 days left until this year's shindig and the goods we've got for you this year promise to make you smile. This year we've collaborated with Linus and the gang at Yazoo to bring you a one of a kind...
  5. M

    18 Hours on the Farm-Endurance Race in VA

    I know this is super late notice but I wanted to remind everyone and enlighten some to the fact that the 5th annual 18 Hours on the Farm- Scouts Honor race will be held in Goochland VA on August 16 & 17th 2008. Here is the link for registration...
  6. splat

    24 Hrs of Pats Peak.

    Pats Peak , would be my First 24 Hr -Solo ! :eek: First of All Props Go out to the Pats Peak Staff they put on One hell of an event. In 1 weekend , they put on a 24 Hr race ( 6, 12, 24 options ) , a Down Hill Race , and a XC race. and some kids races and Fun rides both Road and Mtn. and...