erectile projectile

  1. Knuckleslammer

    HAARP caused the Haiti Quake

    I love it. So the US doesn't want to be the bad guy invading other countries with military force. So, they got something better. Bring a country to its knees via an artificially produced earthquake. Now it's alleged that before the last tsunami in Indonesia, they saw the northern lights, all...
  2. eric strt6

    Things that go bump in the night

    ok if you don't like the thought or visual of a dead guy under a yellow tarp on the fwy don't click on the links at 7pm tonight someone decided to take a stroll in the #3 lane of Interstate 280 at 10th street in Downtown San Jose. he became a hood ornament. I was less than 1/4 mile back in...
  3. MMike

    So guess what I'm doing from Oct 20-22

    ....Shall I wait a few guess-posts before telling? I'm quite looking forward to it...