1. eric strt6

    best laugh I've had in a while

    The wife and I were driving past the park in old town Los Gatos and got stopped at the light. At the edge of the park was a guy in a yellow tee shirt standing on a milk crate preaching. He was a member of the Rapture Cult out of Oakland and he was yelling to everyone yet no one how the...
  2. eric strt6


    not that any of you give a **** but I've been stressing over this for a week At age 54 I gave in to the constant nagging and prodding of my wife and got a colorectal cancer screening I got my results tonight no cancers found time for a beer:weee:
  3. eric strt6

    It's in da hole

    Groundskeeper Carl Spackler aka Bill Murray and his pro partner DA Points have won the Pebble Beach Pro AM nanananananana
  4. eric strt6

    off to Big Sur for the weekend

    heading out in the mobile casa for some chilling, beer drinking, hiking with the wife and our 3 dogs down at Kirk Creek. we have a spot with a great view of the ocean from the top of a bluff. Roughing it we aint. I plan on grilling steaks for dinner and whipping up omelets for breakfast...
  5. eric strt6

    just went to the de Young Museum, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cézanne exhibition

    Most excellent 2 hours wandering the galleries. We took the audio tour:thumb: Link to the exhibition page with some samples of the paintings on display. http://deyoung.famsf.org/orsay Two months ago we attended the "Birth of Impressionism " exhibit, also at the de Young in Golden Gate...
  6. eric strt6

    oh lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz

    Oh god my eyes, my eyes......
  7. eric strt6

    My Sister in law just got on my good side

    I will have to give this a try in the morning I will post a report on the results:weee:
  8. eric strt6

    home improvement, how to kill your back and knees

    I have been working on this project since Nov 6th, mostly between rainstorms. My decks that surrounding the house were not built well and were rotting. anyways I am just getting to the final finish work and I thought I would share the hell involved in replacing over 4000 linear feet of redwood...
  9. eric strt6

    Kitchen Bling

    My old coffee grinder was giving up the ghost after 20 some odd years of service, it was spewing grounds all over which was really getting to my wife [ok so I didn't always wipe it all up:D] anyways I come home from riding the ambulance all day to this Hanukkah / Birthday present...
  10. eric strt6

    Demon Powder

    [from Chevy Chase's flick Modern Problems] my dog got into my sister in laws bag of protein powder:rofl: