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    e*thirteen DH Cranks are in

    Hey guys, I know a bunch of you might have been waiting for these to come in, and as of afternoon...they are! MSRP is $299 with BB tool, no Chainrings (we do have a lot of options). Give the guys a shout - 707.765.2770 http://e13bythehive.com/news/ethirteen-dh-crank/#more-37 Right now...
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    History of ISCG

    The official International Standard Chain Guide mounting interface has had several major revisions since its inception in 2000. As ISCG has been a source of confusion for consumers as the years progress, we at e*thirteen components felt it is time for a refresher on the current standards being...
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    New e*thirteen colorways Guide Rings!

    Our new Colorways Guide Rings have arrived! We've decided to offer several new and brighter colors for 2010. Over the last several years, our Guiderings have been a staple product on single ring guides everywhere. Now you can finally match your drivetrain with the rest of your rig! Colors...
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    XCX Seat Tube Mount Prototype

    November 16, 2009 – e*thirteen has gotten a very positive response from last weeks release of the new XCX (“X-Country & Cyclo-X”) bottom bracket mount chainguide. The new XCX began shipping out to distributors over a week ago. With the introduction of the 10 speed cassette for off-road use...
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    e*thirteen forum FAQ

    Here are a few of the questions that we frequently see from many people. If you have any specific questions, by all means email or call us! 1. Is my new 2009 LG1 wearplate interchangeable with my 2009 SRS chainguide system? In order to maximize weight reduction, performance and strength all...