1. Kenn Bendajo

    EWR Bikes 29er Project

    As many of you heard, EWR Bikes is about to unveil specs on our 29" frame. Thanks to everyone who has been checking our site, we'll have the drawing up shortly. Guys like sikocycles, greenchris, and mmcg asking about XL 29" frames so Jay, Don and I had a long conversation about it last...
  2. E

    History rooted in trials....EWR

    Eastern Woods Research is back. Jay DeJesus relaunched the brand. EWR Bikes. Just putting an FYI out there for all of you that remember Jay and EWR's stock and mod frames of days past. (I'm still riding my Original Woods Bike frame as my main bike. Vintage 1997 and it's set up as a 1 X 9...