1. versusblitz03

    New to The Forum

    Hello everyone, Im new to the forum and still learning how to navigate so im not sure if this is in the right spot. lol. im a freerider and i race in multiple catagories. im not sponsored but i do race a good bit in the summer. i ride a Versus Blitz downhill bike setup to freeride. i bought...
  2. Cable43

    $400.00 Cycling jacket

    ok am I just outta touch. I ride a pretty decent set of bikes(1 road, 1 FR, 1 bmx,all three worth a pretty penny) I know tings are generally expensive. I worked in shops and sold goods, saw the mark ups and margins. But WTF. I do give a sh*t what the "technology" is , as my ex would say "That's...