f helicopters

  1. MMike

    So what's up with limewire?

    The man is keeping them down?
  2. MMike

    Aircraft Quiz

  3. eric strt6

    got a Droid X today

    So after many years with my trusty Blackberry Curve I made the jump to the Droid X on Verizon. So far I am really liking this phone:thumb: Very Intuitive and fast
  4. MMike

    Million Dollar speeding ticket

    http://www.montrealgazette.com/driver+faces+speeding+ticket/3401883/story.html 290 km/h driver faces $1M speeding ticket Agence France-Presse August 15, 2010 Swedish police stand next to a 570-horsepower black Mercedes SLS AMG, which was seized after the driver was allegedly...
  5. MMike

    12 days

    That's how many days I have to myself. The girls leave for Seattle on Thursday. The three of them are going to visit "that side" of the family....and i don't have to go! All alone in my house.....to play my guitar as loudly as I like....or rebuild my fork....or whatever I like...
  6. MMike

    Eeeeeep. (eff helicopters)

    http://www.eaavideo.org/video.aspx?v=234710803001 um. yikes.
  7. B

    Car people: Welding a downpipe?

    I punched a hole in my downpipe before the cat when I made a boneheaded wrong turn on a dirt road. Is it possible to get it welded and patched by an exhaust shop, or will I need to pick up a new one?
  8. MMike

    We have a bear in town

    http://www.montrealgazette.com/technology/Young+bear+spotted+Lazare/3248913/story.html I'm glad to hear that they just want to leave him be........
  9. Dox

    Google is in you computerz

    One of my friend found something weird happening on his computer. He was listening to a random song from a random artist in windows media player and opened google to search for lyrics. He typed " **** lyrics" and the first suggestion was the song he was listening to. Last night I opened my...
  10. johnbryanpeters

    Aging sucks...

    ...just started Medicare application process. That is all
  11. MMike

    Cyclists taken out by a pick-up truck today

    http://www.cbc.ca/canada/montreal/story/2010/05/14/quebec-cycling-accident.html Yeah that's no good.....
  12. Tetreault

    how does rep and those green square things work?

    maybe its my constant drunkeness or overall altered state of mind but i never really noticed either of them until another user pointed out that i recieved one from him. looking around i see people with 2 rep points but 5 green square things and various combinations so basically im just...
  13. MMike

    More crap we put up with in Quebec.

    http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/This+country+country/2708666/story.html at least we have health care.....
  14. jonKranked

    Full Page Loading Ads!?!?

    Seriously? :thumbsdown:
  15. MMike

    Holy crap! They did it!

    http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN1111660620100212?type=marketsNews This is just plain cool that they pulled this off....
  16. MMike

    Who wants to design helicopter graphics?

    We have a medium Bell (old UH-1 and B205 fused together) fuselage (no tailboom) at work that we use for test fits etc. It's coming to our big trade show this year and it's getting dolled up. It's currently white and they want to do a decal job on it. Anyone want to design a scheme? There...
  17. Barbaton

    Missy Giove arrested

    with 400lbs marajuana http://www.velonews.com/article/93545/giove-charged-in-marijuana-conspiracy oops
  18. MMike

    I gotta say I'm pretty sick about this...

    http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/story.html?id=492f58d4-d6b2-4118-9af0-66abf5a82df7&k=50653 This happened on my street about 15 houses away from mine. Our sitter knows the family and had just left our place (after taking my kids to the park) and she heard the crash. No reason in the...