1. evilamish

    Worst Trends in biking

    I just want to know what you think is worst trend for biking is. I would like to know why you think is bad or stupid. I would like to start things off with Clipless pedals 1. It has a misleading name 2. Why would anyone like to be attached to a bike when its flying towards a tree or...
  2. Pesqueeb

    Colorado Repub: "we need more federal involvment"

    So, let me get this straight, not enough federal involvement in states rights, over a 10 year old, voter approved amendment, thats clearly Obama's fault?
  3. T

    More diesel questions

    I ended up with a 96 extended cab 2wd 5 speed. I'm using my friends set up to make bio diesel and am good to go on that end. Now I want some more power. I'm planing on a clutch, injectors, turbo, some head gaskets, exhaust temp, boost gauge, and gearing the rear end. Wondering how much power can...