1. syadasti

    US sez no Ma Bell v2.0

    FTW... http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-08-31/u-s-files-antitrust-complaint-to-block-proposed-at-t-t-mobile-merger.html The U.S. government sued to block AT&T’s proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA Inc., saying the deal would “substantially lessen competition” in the wireless...
  2. demo 9

    Top Gear USA

    What do ya think?
  3. DirtMcGirk

    Debt Collectors: Why can't you shoot them?

    After my divorce I fell apart, moved out of my apartment, things were not good. I left it dirty. But not $2000 worth of dirty. My exwife was on the lease with me, as we were still married when I moved to Reno and she was deployed in Afghanistan. So now its gone to collections. Haven't had the...
  4. Red Rabbit

    What Iphone/Itouch app do you use most frequently?

    I would have to say Facebook, followed by Pandora.
  5. gonefirefightin

    She goes into surgery in the morning......

    After telling her she didnt need them and that I was fine with what she had still still wanted some new tatas. so I bought them for her as a birthday present. needless to say I will be online a bit more in the nest week or so since I will be home taking care of her and the kiddo instead...
  6. Da Peach

    Da da da da bum bum bum BUM!

    Isn't it glorious?
  7. Sandwich

    Where do you keep your money?

    I don't know if this is a taboo topic, but where do you keep your savings/checking accounts? Now that I'm a "independant contractor" I no longer have direct deposit, and it looks like I'll be hemorraging money with my skank of dumerica accounts, which have otherwise served me well despite...
  8. stevew

    add this to your next letter of resignation...

  9. T

    HAHAHAHA.... Somebody was pissed at Craigslist today

    I must be a Craig's list douche bag. (World wide) Reply to: see below Date: 2008-09-10, 8:41PM PDT What is the deal with Craig's list douche bags? #1: I'm trying to sell a car for $500 to $2k over blue book when the dealers are trying like hell to just will sell one for book...
  10. MMike

    McCain picks a chick?

    Very crafty.....get the disgruntled Hillary supporters....
  11. cannondalejunky

    is it eves or ease dropping

    we're having an argument here at work, between whether or not it's eves dropping or ease dropping. so i'm relying on the monkey to settle it.
  12. Total Heckler

    X-Games FMX. So rad...

    This winner is insane. So cool.
  13. aeffertz

    Sweet fast lunch

    So, i know a pretty awesome and simple resipe for a kick ass lunch. its super easy and quick to make. Youll need: 1 can of cream of mushroom soup 1 can of tuna and some bread so this is what you do. pour the cream of mushroom soup into a pan, then like 1/4 of that can with water, and then...
  14. Sandwich


    I opened up four bottles of wine last night that I had been "cellaring" for a special occasion. Three 2000 bourdeauxs and one 01 Hartford pinot noir. Each bottle was AT LEAST $20... and each one had spoiled. :dead: Oh well, $80 red wine reduction sauce here I come....
  15. JohnE

    Top ten twats...

    Inspired by the Molly Hatchett thread... 1. Don Henley 2. Madonna 3. Angelina Jolie 4. Rush Limbaugh 5. Hilary Clinton 6. GHW Bush 7. Dick Cheney 8. Ted Nugent 9. A-Rod 10. Paris Hilton Credit to SkaredShtles...you are my muse...in a totally non ghey whey.
  16. manhattanprjkt83

    holy fuc%

    holy fuc$ my girlfriend is coming over:monkeydance:
  17. woodsguy

    National Speed Limit?

    I think the national speed limit should return and be set to 65mph. Cars should be mechanically limited to 67mph and trucks to 65mph. There is no good reason to allow cars to drive any faster on public roads. It is dangerous and wastes millions of gallons of gas every day.
  18. nauc

    boycott KISS, Simmons is a complete d!ck!

  19. bitingback

    I Kissed a Girl...

    ...and i liked it. okay...so this song is playing a lot on our radio station. my son says "mommy this song is stupid." i ask him why he says that. "because everyone kisses girls and everyone likes it" :shocked:
  20. bitingback

    Bacon Graph