1. evilamish

    Worst Trends in biking

    I just want to know what you think is worst trend for biking is. I would like to know why you think is bad or stupid. I would like to start things off with Clipless pedals 1. It has a misleading name 2. Why would anyone like to be attached to a bike when its flying towards a tree or...
  2. drkenan

    Obama Disappoints

    WTF are they thinking sending in more troops? He must be drinking from the same Kool Aid as GW. This could be the nail in his coffin. There are some pissed liberals around tonight!

    Sorry AngryMetalSmith, I'll toast one to ya!

    It's 3 in the morning, I took off work tomorrow just so I can spend all day celebrating my Irish heritage, starting early afternoon happy hour, bar hopping, pub to pub to pub. So seeing I'm still awake, and it is after 12 midnight, it is now officially Tuesday! So let me be the first to say...