1. Konabumm

    New addition to our family

    Since moving into the new house both my 12 year old dog Commit and 18 year old cat have died. My kids didn't take their deaths very well so I decided that we needed a new little pooch running around. Meet our new buddy Trek! He is an 8 week old Silver Lab. He has been a great addition to the...
  2. D

    Women become their Mothers - True or False?

    "I would like to add this is bad news because your mother-in-law is a preview of your wife when she gets older." EOD stated this in another thread and I have heard many variations of this statement over time. I disagree but am anxious to hear other opinions. When people say this, are...
  3. jdcamb

    My Brothers

    Are pretty cool. I have 2. Both younger. Both have helped me in a time of need. I am so blessed! If you have a brother call him and tell him how cool he is. If he's not cool tell him to fall in line, it's your job as a brother.....