fat bike

  1. TreeSaw

    My baby monkey wants a new bike

    She would totally beat me up if she knew I called her my baby monkey too! Alex is due for a new bike and she really wants a Salsa Timberjack 20+ (she really wants a farbike like the rest of us have). I’d love to find a used one, but not looking good. New is $550-600 which is a bit out of the...
  2. Jase

    Winter fat bike ride vid

    Just thought I would pass on my annual winter riding video. This time its on a loaner Trek Farley....the first time I have ridden a fat bike other than around town. Good times. :D
  3. S

    Snow Bike Race at Snow King Resort in Jackson, WY

    Jonesing to race your bike? You don’t have to wait ’til summer. Grab your snow mountain bike, or rent one (see below) and head over to the town hill February 11th at 4:45pm for the first Snow King Snow Bike race. It's going to fun and STEEEEP...