1. splat

    Clone Wars

    I just heard about this movie coming out . thoughts ? discuss .
  2. splat

    Who isthe Best Batman !

    lets be real Val Kilmer and George Clooney really sucked as Bat man , who was the best ?
  3. freakrock

    The Story Of Stuff

    This is a short video i found on another biking forum and i thought it is worth sharing. CLICK HERE
  4. mattmatt86

    Anyone else Psyched for Dark Knight?

    I loved Batman Begins and when I started seeing previews a while back for Dark Knight I couldn't wait. I've now reached the climax (hehe) of my excitement after watching/readying the following review of the movie. Disclamer: The video is kinda long winded but it definitely got me pumped for...
  5. Da Peach

    The Happening=The Crappening

    That is my review. I was hoping for more for some reason. At best, it was kinda funny. That is all.
  6. J

    The Happening

    Dont go see it... trash... I have given up on M Night. Lady in the water was doo doo and this is too... save your money and buy a better beer.... :banghead: :disgust:
  7. DRB

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    One of the MANY benefits of being unemployed is plenty of movie time. Excellent film.