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    Purchasing first 'real' mountain bike

    Hello, I have dabbled in mountain biking a little in the past with a lower grade bike, and I am getting into it enough now that I would like to go ahead and purchase a "real" mountain bike. My dilemma is, I am not well versed on what kind I should purchase for my skill level and body type. I...
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    No rider in PA

    Hi everyone! New to the sport and the forum. I'm looking into getting a used downhill bike. I recently found an add for a 2010 Mongoose Boot'r for $1400. I have been reading up on this bike as well a others. The guy that is selling the bike is disabled (but can still walk) and has ridden the...
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    Advice for a good first bike?

    I went on a vacation with the family to Lake Arrowhead last weekend and found a mountain bike in the garage. I took it out for a spin and had a lot of fun. This seems like something I'd like to get into, but I don't want to make a significant investment just yet. Does anybody have any advice...