1. eric strt6

    >>> Mid week Moar coffee GMT<<<

    back to the early shift. I like it. Got in an hour jaunt with the dogs around the neighborhood last night. going to try and get home early enough to go ride then take the dogs for a run:thumb:
  2. blackohio

    Types of people you hate.

    2 people in 2 days were total assholes, both turned out to be women. Day 1. Doing 75 in fast lane come up on a Cherokee Classic doing 61 in the fast lane. I stay about 1 car length behind them. I see the driver throw up a middle finger after about 2 seconds. Then the passenger. I say **** these...
  3. HAB

    B6 Audi A4?

    Anybody have experience? Specifically a 3.0 manual avant Quattro. Inquiring minds would like to know.
  4. $tinkle

    real estate & banking monkeys: can't recast a VA/FHA loan; next?

    with hookers *and* blow being out of the question, what's the best way to distribute proceeds from sale of home? a refi @ > 1 pt over what we got our new loan for ~4mos ago (http://www.bankrate.com/va-loans/) seems like throwing away good money (estimated closing costs around $3k). and paying...
  5. chillindrdude

    My first nice car.

    After months of research and test drives. I narrowed down my choice of a luxury zippy commuter car to the 335i drive and the Audi S4. Ultimately went with the Audi partly due to better stock performance. It would appear that Audi have improved reliability in the last 4-5 years. Their 2013 A6...
  6. vinnycactus

    Sandals vs Club Med

    Wife and I are planning 10 year anniversary for next summer. This is the plan. Drive kids from NC to Cape Cod and drop them off with mom-in-law for a week. Fly out of Boston. Sit on a beach all inclusive, drink for a week. Fly back to Boston, spend a week on Cape Cod and drive home. So...
  7. HAB

    Car monkey- seatz

    I've got an e36 M3 sedan, with the non-powered sport seats, and they kind of suck. Lateral support isn't very good, but more importantly they hurt my lower back after a few hours. I've looked around at what people have done for aftermarket seats, and it seems like most people swapping non-OEM...
  8. Sandwich

    Sit down with my landlords...OOH DRAMA

    I don't know if any of you turds remember my previous thread (I deleted it according to our then legal strategy) but my landlords "decided" they would take and keep my security deposit after moving out of our previous rental. They gave us a list of reasons they were keeping the deposit, but...
  9. insanitylevel9

    hey remember the car i was using

    well particularly the 1999 red benz sl 500 that my dad was letting me use for some reason...... (i know i sound like a arrogant ass hole) but any way some one tried to steel it when my dad went down the cape to see a very sick family friend. well any way the couldn't take it so they decided to...
  10. lovebunny

    fvcking google

    how do i get google to display in english while im in costa rica. it translates the page. but for instance on my blog the buttons on the top of the page stay in spanish. soooo frustrating!:rant:
  11. Pesqueeb

    Another potential neighbor confrontation in the works!

    Some of you will remember my "issue" with the neighbor over the daughters parked wreck sometime back. While Mr. FBI has pretty much left me alone since the "exchange of opinion", other neighbors have not been so lucky with him but thats a story(ies) for another time. I bring this back up to...
  12. demo 9

    Paint Question

    I recently started restoring some old lionel trains (1930s) They needed a complete re-painting, so i got some metal safe fast dry spray paint and went to work, I have finished (painting) 4 of them already and am almost done with the last 2 (pair) This is where the problem begins, I have been...
  13. DirtyMike

    Son of a Bitch.....

    Parking brake cable snapped on me just as I hooked the boat up....... That was some bull**** right there...... Going to be interesting getting in and out of the water today.
  14. 5150dhbiker

    Bad weeks for moto :(

    Ok...so I posted on here about two weeks ago that the motor on my CRF 250 seized on the last lap at my favorite track (Zaca Station). Anyways, my buddy that has been riding a Yamaha his whole life could not stop giving me crap for it. Well...a week later he went to a track (I-5 MX) and the...
  15. TheTruth

    Cliff Bars

    Is it just me or are cliff bars getting smaller?