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  1. DirtMcGirk

    Cheap framing?

    Does anyone know who has the cheapest framing of the big frame shops? My ex-wife just sent me back all of my Coop's and Kozik's, and I want to get them all framed. I went to Aaron Brothers today, and for 10 of them they wanted $1500. Nothing too fancy, but that seemed way over priced.
  2. DirtMcGirk

    I gotta get outta this place

    And I don't care where to. Reno sucks a bunch of dicks only like a bad gay porn could. Its a black hole for ambition, style, motivation, intellect and soul. I gotta get the **** outta here. So I need some suggestions. I like to ride my bicycles. I like to kayak. I like to snowboard...