1. ggrubb

    Fluidride Cup #5 Photos

    Hey, I took photos at PA (Fluidride Cup DH #5)....... PRO/CAT I PHOTOS CAT II/CAT III PHOTOS
  2. elRey

    I need a ride to PA this weekend.

    I don't think anyone checks the ride share thread so I am starting this thread. I live in downtown bellingham and need a ride to the fluidride race this weekend april 3-5 at port angeles. If anyone has room for me and and my bike that would be great. I'll chip in for gas and stuff.
  3. L

    Anyone Selling?

    a medium sized DH bike for the season? Thanks Guys Much Love LW
  4. uBRDO

    Intense Demo at Big Finn Hill Park...

    We have the Intense crew and a truck full of bikes that will be at Big Finn Hill park tonight from 4-8pm (we were going to stage at St Ed's but Girl Scout Camp got in the way...). Come by and throw a leg over a SS or Tracer VP... Intense has their full line of bikes in tow with the exception of...