1. KenW449

    The Food Stand Thread

    Any Portland area monkeys ever been here?
  2. DirtyMike

    I need a recipe

    Ok guys, give me your best batter for frying meats. Fish in particular, but lets have it, bring on the recipes........
  3. stevew

    the great taco hunt

    http://tacohunt.blogspot.com/ Cali people only. Archive of restaurants/stands/trucks are on the left. Destroy your digestive track at your own risk.
  4. T

    tweaker of the day

    some tweaker came in to the shop today (one that that the owner helped out with his bike) with 5 pounds of shredded cheese and a couple packages of nasty ass lunch meat trying to get some one to give him 3$ so he could get bread and make us samiches
  5. BurlyShirley

    Ramen Noodles: Poll

    I have many other options, but right now, Im cooking up 3 bags of preservative laden trans-fats. Damn I love me some Ramen.
  6. DirtyMike

    What was the last thing you Grilled

    Tonight I made Bourban hickory smoked trout. The Neighbors were jealous. Discuss the last thing you cooked on the grill
  7. stinkyboy


    I'm 75% moved in and just mowed on some grilled sausage and peppers for the random friends that came over for the inaugural grilling. A couple drinks, some happy time tea while we watch the monsoon and then it's off to bed.
  8. TN

    Pretzels?! really?

    Who puts pretzels out on their desk in a candy dish? C'mon! Where are the tasty salt water taffies or caramels?! No way am I eating anything out of that germ trap of a bowl that isn't individually wrapped (the said "candy bowl" is @ the stop everyone makes after hitting the head too). Our...
  9. BurlyShirley

    What's on the BBQ Today?????????

    Here at the Shirley household its: Fresh Salmon Filets Big ass burgers Corn on the Cob! Beer on the side of course!
  10. CRoss

    Chocolate chip cookie dough or cookies?

    Which do you prefer? I am sitting here eating a hunk of frozen Nestle Chocolate chip cookie dough. It occurred to me I bake maybe one out of every dozen packages? I think I have always liked cookie dough better than the baked cookies. As a kid my Grandma would make cookies for all of her sons...
  11. ultraNoob

    Smooth or Chunky

    mmmm peanut butter. I like both styles with or without bread.
  12. SkaredShtles

    I had 12-grain today.........

    for lunch and Skook is correct. 12-grain is the Lord of the Bread. :)