ford 6.0l diesel=lulz

  1. 5150dhbiker

    ATF in diesel fuel?

    Ok, so I was talking to somebody the other day that had a pretty cool powerstroke and he was telling me that instead of using a diesel addative he uses ATF to clean his injectors, etc. Anybody hear of this ? I've been using small amounts of diesel addative in my truck (duramax) but am kind...
  2. gemini2k

    New (Big) truck time

    All the truck threads seem to be based around midsized trucks like Taco's. I however, being a sasquatch of a man (both in hair and height) and sexually inadequate, need something on the larger size. This thing will be used for constant shuttling and many roadtrips. 4-5 passengers and that...
  3. Quo Fan

    So, I need a new truck

    Read this thread to find out why. What I want, is a mid-sized pickup, 6' bed, extended cab (not double), 4 wheel drive and not a base model. I had a Tacoma base 4X4 with very few options. Make some recommendations.