1. vinny4130

    Sold 2018 Fox 34 performance elite 140mm boost

    It is new fork from a 2018 rocky never used 140mm boost. I would like 600$ and I’ll cover shipping in the lower 48.
  2. ohio

    For Sale '08 Fox Float RC2 160mm 1 1/8" 20mm

    Kinda old school but in great shape with fresh seals and oil. 7.5" steerer. Been out of the loop, so if my price is unfair, definitely make an offer. Just want to clear out the closet. Will clean off mud before shipping but you may as well see it in its natural state. Email marc DOT fen AT...
  3. D

    For Sale Boxxer WC for sale

    '09 Boxxer World Cup, Solo air on fresh rebuild with polished internals. Comes with direct mount stem as pictured. There's a few small abrasions further up on the stanchions but does not affect performance nor does the fork have any leaks whatsoever. Steer measures 6 and 3/4 in length. I would...
  4. T

    '08 Boxxer Rebound Assembly Help

    Hi guys, I Was pulling my 08 teams apart today but the rebound adjuster would not come out. Eventually the red knob came off the Allen Key thingo which enabled me to take the lowers off. The thing is, now the Allen Key thing is still stuck in the rebound assembly and it wont even turn anymore...
  5. A

    2013 888 Evo Ti v 2013 380 CR

    Looking for a little bit of real-world input here since I can't seem to find much in the way of a decent review on either. I know the evo ti is a bit lighter but it will also cost me about an extra $250. Does anyone have any experience with the 380? I'm more than happy to pay the price...
  6. prestonDH

    Pivot Mach 6, 160mm or 150mm? RS Pike, FOX Float or X-Fusion Sweep?

    So i am ordering a large Pivot Mach 6, 155mm rear travel, this is obviously in between 160 and 150, my question is, what travel fork are you planning to run and why? I have an Evil undead so the Long travel bike dept is taken care of, would 160 on the Mach 6 be too close to my dh rig...
  7. F

    Fox 40 R OEM upgradeable?

    Hi, I have emailed mtbservice@foxracingshox.com and asked if I can upgrade the 2013 40 R OEM fork with a RC2 cartridge, they don't seem to bother answering me. Does anyone know for a fact if this is possible? Is it the same stations and lowers as a 2013 Fox 40 RC2? Thanks!
  8. F

    New Fork?

    I just have bought myself a used Commencal Max Max but don't know what year it is so I dislike the fork it got at moment. I wanna buy new fork to replace it so any good suggestion? I already got one I want which is marzocchi fork bomber.
  9. Downhillbiker23

    2012 Parts Advice

    So for 2012 I am getting a 2012 Transition Tr450 I cant decide between a few parts First is the Fork I love the Dorado its my first choice Never rode a 40 but thats an option or a 2012 888 by marozocchi Next is hub choice Deetracks or Hadley or Phil Wood
  10. W

    n00b needs new fork (forum search wouldn't work)

    First, let me preface this question by stating my assumption that there are probably already some threads/posts to this effect, however, I could not get the forum search function to work properly. I have a Karpiel DiscoVolante with a Stratos S7 fork. Naturally, now that it's shot, it's just...
  11. C

    2008 Manitou Travis intrensic air single (180mm) problems

    I have a 2008 Manitou Travis on a 2008 transition bottlerocket. I bought the bike new from a guy who claimed to have the fork serviced regularly. After further inspection it appears that the air dampening system is blown out (self diagnosis). The fork will bottom out off of a 3 foot drop, and...
  12. H

    fork clearance question

    hello, sorry if this is posted wrong. I have a question that has been perplexing me for a long time. on the mountain cycle website, it says the battery has a "fork clearance" of 125mm-to-whatever what would happen if I ran a 100mm fork on it? I dont really understand fork clearance...
  13. C

    Fork Clearence

    I'v searched a few forums and haven't found any info on this problem yet. I own a slightly older chameleon before Santa Cruz "upgraded" the geometry. I purchased an 09 Vanilla fork but the top caps won't clear the frame. I'm looking at several options and need a little advice. Do i buy an FSA...
  14. frango

    2010 Totem Solo Air - Boxxer problem?

    Guys, I've had few rides on my 2010 Totem Solo Air last year. It has same/similar damping system as 2010 Boxxer Team - Mission Control DH. My Totem was kinda sticky at the beginning. After 2-3 rides during the day, it was getting smoother. But, on the next day, during parking lot ride, it...
  15. B

    Rock Shox Solo Air problem (argyle 409) - "idle travel"?

    Hey guys! I have quite a big problem with my RS Argyle 409 - actually, with its solo air spring. First of all, I have (from some months) sth like "idle travel" - I mean, by first 4mm of its travel, the upper legs seem to be "loose" in lower ones - just like there is no spring inside. I...
  16. Patan-DH

    Dual Damper forks.

    I was thinking why or how none of the big brands came with this design. When i mean dual damper i mean a isolated damper for compression and other independent for rebound. This way you are able to use a different oil for the compression and rebound, allowing infinite more tunning options...
  17. EGGS

    fox 40 rebuild/maitence ..to diy or send ot away???

    I was told today that the fork should be rebuilt by fox and fox only .(they change bushings etc... vs just oil ) and I was also told that the legs need to be removed periodcally and the seasl wiped clean. What thuth is there to this? I also read the diy thread and it seems simple enough...
  18. T

    Help with fork

    Hello. Recently when i was in the process of making my gt moto a singlespeed, i had some down time and started to fool around with my marzocchi drop off comps. Knowing nothing about my fork, i took off the duster caps and pressed in the valve, resulting in a large loss of air. The forks are not...
  19. sstalder5

    Manitou Travis v. RS Boxxer v. Marzocchi 888

    Trying to decide on a fork for my new build. The frame is an '07 Kona Stinky Primo:
  20. R

    DJ Fork | Repair or Replace?

    I have a 2004 mostly stock Specialized P2 for 'playtime in the park' when I'm not on my XC rig. I recently blew a leak in my Marzocchi EXR Comp fork. I know right there you're saying "replace! replace!". But I was pleasantly suprised with the stiffness of it and if you kept the pressure up...