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    Fork Servicing

    Does anyone know anything about servicing forks. Particularly Rock Shox Pikes?
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    2 forks new crank?

    I have my list narrowed down to two forks. The marz DJ1 and the Manitou Gold Label. I have one question about the gold label what are the adjustments and why are they so popular? I am thinking about getting a new crank but i dont wanna spend a ton any ideas or offerings?
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    What do you think?

    I have an image here that I need an educated guess on. Yes, I cut the fork, headset and bars out of the image, because they were a distraction form what I am looking for. Assuming that the bike will take an 1 1/8" threadless stem, (based on the geometry shown) what do you think the biggest...
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    in need of some forks

    hey everyone my gf has an old giant upland that she hasnt riden in awhile...we're about to start riding together and she wants to get new forks with suspension...the only problem is that the head diameter is 1"....are there any recommendations on what and where to get some 1" forks? thanks
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    Marzocchi Z1 QR20 Fork (2004)

    I recently bought a mountain bike with a Marzocchi Z1 QR20 Fork (2004). I´ve been having trouble keeping the rebound control. I have to readjust the ETA system every time I use my bike and it´s becoming very inconvenient. I may be adjusting it wrong?? Also, when I'm riding and make quick...
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    Choose Fork for BigHit: 66, Monster T, or DJ2

    I'm building up a shuttle bike for Snowshoe. It's an '03 BigHit. I weigh 210 lbs., so the bike and fork need to be burly, although I'm a wuss and won't be doing big drops or gap jumps. I just want to bomb down the mountain with the occasional 6' drop or tabletop jump here and there. I have...