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  1. demo 9

    Ford Raptor

    Got to test drive a supercharged one today (supposedly 650HP) Not quite as impractical as you may think, i was a "hater" until i drove it, you feel nothing, and its nice and tall, but handles better than my tundra which is lower, and doesnt have ridiculous fox suspension. I still cant see...
  2. drt_jumper

    Finally some good news out of Detroit!

    And this is why I own Fords. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,571009,00.html
  3. golgiaparatus

    The ford difference.

    So I was driving home last week and I passed a Ford dealership that had like ten 2010 mustangs on display, all different specs. So I stopped just to take a peek because I was curious. They had this one GT with these classic mustang looking wheels, classic ribbed leather and steering wheel...