fox 40

  1. slimshady

    So, the water has finally covered us all

    Or is about to do it: prototype Fox 40 29er
  2. Nick

    For Sale $700 - Fox 40 RC2 FIT downhill fork

    SOLD - 2012 Fox 40 RC2 FIT damper downhill fork. 203mm travel, ti coil spring installed (lighter and heavier coil springs included). Externally adjustable spring preload, rebound, high speed compression and low speed compression. I'm the 2nd owner. When I got the fork it had minimal scratches...
  3. englertracing

    fox 40 rc2 revalved.

    I'm posting because I have been unable to find any info on 40 modifications. Id like to share what I have done and hear what others have done. stock 16.6 x 0.10 14.5 x 0.10 13.5 x 0.10 9.6 x 0.25 mod 16.6 x .10 15.5 x .10 14.5 x .10 13.5 x .10 9.6 x .25 I weigh 170 middle pack...
  4. V-Dub

    Intense M9 Build - Go-Ride.com

    This beauty belongs to a Go-Ride local customer. It has been coming together for a couple weeks. Finally rounded up all the bits and pieces, and here she is, in all her majesty. . . The build started with a Blue Chrome Intense M9 Frame Add in a Kashima Coat Fox 40 and then...
  5. H

    fox 40....bad bad sounds...

    I was recently taking apart my bike for shipping and I noticed some serious noise from fox 40 rc2. When everything was removed from the fork, the brake, the adapter, stem, everything... i was holding it in my hands and it make a loud knocking sound. It occurs mostly when you shake the fort up or...
  6. S

    Fox 40RC2 2009 - Which spring for 180-185lbs person?

    Hi guys I´ve got 2 Fox 40s home, ready to install one of them. One got an Blue Ti spring. - for persons 150 – 180 lbs Second got an Green Ti Spring. - for persons 180 – 210 lbs My weight is just right between: 180-185lbs (without armor and helmet etc.) My riding skills are not extra...
  7. K

    Which Forks!!

    Im building a new turner DHR but i am stuck at the ultimate question... What fork do i run?!?!?!?!? Boxxers or 40's.. so if anyone can give me there input/ post some pics of your rides with boxxers or 40's would be sick!!! thanks