fox 40rc2

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  1. Nick

    For Sale '16 Fox 40 Float RC2

    Fox 40 Float RC2 FIT 26" for sale Air sprung. 203mm travel RC2 FIT damper: LSC HSC Rebound Everything works 100% perfectly. Steerer tube: about 6.8" Stanchions: 100% clean Lowers: minor scrapes and brake cable rub (see pics) Crowns: minor scratches from removing headset race Regularly...
  2. EGGS

    fox 40 rebuild/maitence ..to diy or send ot away???

    I was told today that the fork should be rebuilt by fox and fox only .(they change bushings etc... vs just oil ) and I was also told that the legs need to be removed periodcally and the seasl wiped clean. What thuth is there to this? I also read the diy thread and it seems simple enough...