1. S

    Fox 36 180mm Float

    Since I only ride bike parks I figure that I don't really need my dual crown so I'm looking in to the new Kashima coated Fox 36 180mm. Has anyone tried the Float version? opinions? Much stiction? Flex? I've only seen opinions on the van so far.
  2. vicious

    Morewood Kalula; build & first impressions

    Frame: 2010 Morewood Kalula, large Shock: CCDB, 250# steel Fork: 2011 Fox 36 Float 180 RC2 Wheelset: 823s laced to Hope Pro II Rubber: Minion DHF/DHR Cranks: Holzfeller Chain Guide: e13 Pedals: DMR V12 MAG Shifters: SRAM Derailleurs: SRAM Brakes: Hope Mono 6 Seatpost: Deity Saddle...
  3. Patan-DH

    Fox DHX o-ring change! help needed!

    I did change the oil on my dhx a few months ago but now it is leaking. I already got the new o-ring but i can´t find the way to pull out the old one I have the black cap out of the shaft, from the internal side there is a bushing and by the external a yellowish dust whiper. could anyone...
  4. chance199

    Fox DHX 4.0 question

    so i was riding today and was jumping down this: and off the first bit i kept maxing out or i guess you could bottoming out the shock. i need to know how i might be able to help stop by changing the rebound or maybe preload? any ideas? sorry on crappy quality, taken with my camera...
  5. tom-swift

    2008 Pitch Pro shock upgrade

    I have a 2008 Specialized Pitch Pro with a Lyrik up front (160mm) and right now running it stock with the Fox RP2 in the rear (150mm). This would be a bit down the road but was curious about the plausibility of a shock upgrade to make the bike a little more viable on downhill trails. Right now...
  6. H

    fox 40....bad bad sounds...

    I was recently taking apart my bike for shipping and I noticed some serious noise from fox 40 rc2. When everything was removed from the fork, the brake, the adapter, stem, everything... i was holding it in my hands and it make a loud knocking sound. It occurs mostly when you shake the fort up or...
  7. Sshields32

    Fire fox!

    I dont know how many of you use firefox but for those who do! what are your favorite add ons and why?
  8. J

    Fox 40rc2 help?

    I'm having trouble setting the correct sag for my 40rc2. I'v tried the purple spring(120-150lbs), blue spring 150-180lbs, and the green 180-210lbs. I am 185lbs. I get approximately the same sag measurement(26-31mm) every time. The correct range for 8" travel is 30-51mm. What am I missing????
  9. erikkellison

    Lightest crowns for Fox 40?

    So I have a 40, and I got to thinking about how much I like direct mount stems. I know that a few companies make them: Burgtec, Persist, Risse, Function Bikes in OR, Go-Ride and some guy in Hong Kong. What I want to know is this: What's the lightest setup out there? I have the stock crown...