1. IH8Rice

    free mini-dvd's

    i have 30+ mini DVD-R and some mini DVD-RW discs that i got as free samples. if anyone actually has a camcorder that still uses this, they are yours for free! :weee::weee: i cant bring myself to throwing them away since they are brand new.
  2. nelsonjm

    Free slurpees today from 7-11 locations

    It's only a small, but it's free. Did anybody else take advantage of this yet?
  3. Mr.Bishop

    Free Ridemonkey Stickers - Just email us!

    New program. Want stickers? Just email us. Send an email to store@ridemonkey.com with "I want free stickers" in the subject line, and your mailing address in the body, we will send you a sticker pack. That's it. No envelopes, no money, no nuthin'. Who doesn't like free stuff? Let the emails...