1. Ray-Freecaster

    Claymore Challenge - LIVE webcast

    For those not riding Saturday 25th June, LIVE action of the Claymore Challenge brought to you by Freecaster at http://freecaster.tv/mountainbike/1016434/claymore-challenge :thumb:
  2. Ray-Freecaster

    Rob Warner's quotes on the go

    Freecaster just released it's first app, it's free and a collection of Rob Warner's most memorable 2010 LIVE quotes. Hilarious, download it now http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/Freecaster-Mtb-commentary/id441919566?mt=8
  3. Transcend

    World Cup Finals - Schladming, Austria!

    So this is it. The overall comes down to one last race. Greg is up by 116 points over Sam. Gee is 67 back. Guido and Rafa duking it out for 4x. I think Rachel already has it sealed up, as does Anneke. Coverage starts tomorrow from Redbull's Hangar 7 (home of the Flying Bulls air team), as...
  4. Transcend

    World Championships - Val di Sole

    Sunday night and its cool and cloudy with some on and off showers. Big week in Val di Sole. Stay tuned for photos, videos and more as we finally have a hotel with good internet. Thanks Holiday Inn.
  5. Transcend

    Sam Hill World's Bike Video Feature

    I am on the worst cell data connection of all time, but wanted to get this up. Exclusive footage of sam hill breaking in his brand new 1 day old world championships bike. http://www.transcendmagazine.com/archives/2008/06/exclusive-sam-h.html There is also a freecaster link available, but...