1. 7

    FLORIDA FREERIDE, What you talkin bout Willis?

    Santos Fat Tire Festival Freeride & Dirt Jump Comp. March 19th, 2011. Santos Vortex Freeride Area. Ocala, FL. FOr more information and online registration, please visit www.714trails.com. Online registration saves $5 and ends March 14th. BY RIDERS FOR RIDERS.
  2. 7

    Backyard bike = fun for all

    Visit our backyard bike park. www.714trails.com.
  3. 7

    Santos freeride & dj comp: March 19, 2011

    Santos Fat Tire Festival Freeride & DJ Comp. March 19th, 2011. Santos Vortex Freeride Area. Ocala, FL. For more information and online registration visit www.714trails.com. BY RIDERS FOR RIDERS. Online Registration saves $5 and end March 14th.
  4. 7

    Santos Freeride Comp MARCH 19th, 2011

    For more info and online registration, please visit www.714trails.com.
  5. ncfreerider5001

    Medium 2008 Jamis Dakar BAM 1.0 For sale

    Hello Everyone, I know there is a classified section on RM but I'm just trying to spread the word about my sale, since I also wanted to possibly sell it locally. So, onto the item of interest. I am trying to sell my 2008 Jamis Dakar BAM 1.0 -Bought it on closeout brand new directly...
  6. versusblitz03

    any Freeriders here in Southeastern PA?

    Hey is there anyone here familiar with White clay State Park, French Creek, Bear Creek, or Blue Mountain? Im just curious cuz these are the places i go most
  7. M

    Just go with the flow or analyse the hell out of it?

    I was recently reading this technique article: http://www.imbikemag.com/issue6/?page=73 (REALLY in depth and interesting) Which reminded me of this bike radar article i read a while ago: http://www.bikeradar.com/fitness/article/technique-go-with-the-flow-17812 It got me thinking...
  8. K

    Bunnyhops and Wheelies

    Hey...it seems like no matter how much i practice, I still can not bunnyhop or balance my wheelie......Is there something that i'm doing wrong??? Whats your guys' techniques... How did you guys learn to bunnyhop so high? Thanks
  9. streble

    Chicago Dirt Jump Event: “Settin’ Down Roots: The Garden Dirt Jam”

    I apologize for coming in here with a promotional post even though I’m not a regular, but I figured there are quite a few of you that would be interested in checking out this event on July 31st in Chicago: We’re gonna have music, food, and other vendors, a huge raffle, demo bikes for...
  10. X

    DAKINE Freeride Festival Saalbach Hinterglemm LIVE!!!

    Hallo Leute, vom Dakine Freeride Festival, dass am Wochenende in Saalbach Hinterglemm stattfindet, werden einige Contests live vom IP TV Sender massivesportstv.com gestreamt. Und zwar: am Fr. den 09.07.2010 ab 20:30 Uhr MAXXIS Dual Eliminator (Dual-Race) am Sa. den 10.07.2010 ab...
  11. B

    The Perfect Bike?

    So it's that time again in my life; Time to buy a new bike!! :rockout: But. . I can't decide which frame to go with because I can't afford a Downhill bike AND a dedicated Freeride bike so. . My question is this: In your humble opinions, Which frame feels great on Downhill but doesn't...
  12. Bikermaniac101

    TTC Gravity Park update

    Ok, so we had a meeting the other night, it was pretty much the most dedicated Chattanooga and Cleveland guys who were invited. We got together to decide several things, first of all we needed to make more of a governing body to help shape the group and help keep our goals in focus. Second...
  13. S

    Black diamond jumps rebuilt!!!!

    The jumps formally at black diamond that were torn down about a year ago are being rebuilt. The church that took the jumps out before are now not only willing to let us build there agian, but they are in full support with the help of local builders and the evergreen mountain bike alliance, to...
  14. ncfreerider5001

    MTB in Pisgah in Winter?

    So, we can all agree that the DH trails in Pisgah are amazing. Yet, during the fall and spring I'm busy with school, sports etc. So does anyone know what trails are rideable during the winter months? Particularly around late december? I heard that the shuttle roads close when it...
  15. velocipedist

    Japan lurkers come and play in Nikko

    Nikko Japan Autumn Shuttle Days Shout out to any and all All mountain / DH riders in the Kanto area. Tentatively planning two shuttle days for November 8-9 (Sun,Mon) in Nikko (North Western Tochigi Prefecture, about 100 km north of Tokyo). The Boshin Trail is in the Kirifuri Kogen...
  16. boomshakkalagga

    Freeride/Enduro riders from Jersey City?

    Hey there, are there any downhill/freeride/enduro riders from the Jersey City area regularly heading for Diablo and other nice destinations? Even more far away ones? :weee: (Makes no sense here, but I like this little blue guy!)
  17. chance199

    what bikes do you have?

    mine: 06 Stinky Deluxe
  18. Ridemonkey.com

    Crankworx Colorado Live on Ridemonkey!

    We got our hands on a couple of live feeds from Crankworx Colorado. First one is up in 5 hours, and the player will always have a countdown until the broadcast in it. We'll work to get ourselves a proper schedule to post up, sorry this happened a bit at the last minute. Big thanks to...
  19. cz.islander

    Has anyone heard of a Ellsworth Truth built up w/ freeride components?

    If so please provide links. I'm curious to know the TRUTH! lol
  20. spRaYcAn14


    Whos going to diablo this week???:thumb: