1. DH biker

    Vietnam (MA) - June 8th, 2009

    Had the day off of work, so I went to Vietnam with my buddy Eric on Monday. We ended up exploring another side of this place that we had never been to before. Here is a link to the NEMBA page: http://www.nemba.org/Articles/VietnamFAQs.html Curious as to the names of some of the drops/sections we...
  2. R

    new shoes

    i need new shoes for freeride/downhill. ne suggestions...
  3. EGGS

    12x135mm frames???

    who makes them ? looking for a light weight pedal friendly 12x135 frame. ive seen a few .. maybe some input on these or others that are out there ive seen so far cannondale moto - dont like carbon but i know they make a aluminum commencial meta 6 - never heard anything new kona coilair...
  4. F

    Turner DHR VS. Ventana El Cuervo

    I am interested to find out what people think of these two bikes VS. eachother and other bikes. I am 5'6" and ride a small VP free which I find to be alittle long, which is the reason I am looking for different frame. Please Help if you can!
  5. mtnbmx

    Gravity racing vs free riding

    With the economy changes and all USA cycling changes to all the racing classes. What do you think you will do for next season?
  6. sjordan72

    New World Disorder 9 viewing in San Diego!

    Hey everyone, this is an advance warning! By Monday or Tuesday it should be official but I wanted to get the ball rolling. We will be doing screenings of NWD 9 "Never Enough" in San Diego Friday December 5th at midnight and the 6th at noon. This weekend I meet with a rep from New Belgium Brewing...
  7. J

    AFS Dirt Jump Park

    Here are some pictures of the new dirt jump park being built in North Little Rock, Arkansas in Burns Park. Arkansas Freeride Society http://www.arfreeriders.com and IMBA are getting it done. They brought in Ben from NC to help with the building of the jumps, his website is...
  8. downhillforchea

    New Downhill Video Contest!

    Hey fellow Ridemonkeys! I am here to tell you about a new video contest. Read the rules below, and enter it! Also, so you know, if your video is already up on pinkbike or youtube, ALL YOU NEED TO DO is email us and we will take it into consideration! Here are the rules. You can read them and...
  9. cheetaprowlerDH

    Our Newest Projects...

    well we finally started putting up new stuff in Calaveras and so far its been siick! weve got some new trails and now these new kickers along with some remodeled ones... and finally a spot to hang out out of the sun! the spot: remodeled lip: hipper: stepdowns: drop: 35...

    more pics of the 2008 Trek Session 88 DH, I was completley blown away

    I was looking through the King of the mountain blog and saw a post of the new Trek Session 88 DH. and I was completely blown away when I saw it, and then saw the weight. I'm pretty impressed quote from Trek: Vance McCaw (who works in the Product group) and Brady Schroedl (the engineer...
  11. TreeSaw

    2008 Season Photos

    Admin edit: Please limit the number of photos per post to around 3-4. That will allow the thread to be split up across multiple pages rather than being a several-megabyte single page load. Here's the deal...I personally love seeing ride photos and I am tired of the drama so use this thread...
  12. T

    My rides, part of the Transition Family

    ok, so i decided to post pictures of my bikes, let me know what you think, and lets see what you other Transition owners have. i have had a Dirtbag since they first came out and i love the bike. this is my current Dirtbag and i must say it is really nice the best set up i have had for the...