1. S

    Places to ride in the south Jordan Utah area

    Im new to riding BMX regularly and im looking for some great Dirt Jump in the South Jordan area. Ive ridden all the parks but am looking for some dirt to ride? any places??
  2. admin

    Freestyle Mountain Bikers Steal SF Giants Fans with Barge Caper

    http://static.grindtv.com/1.2.1345/swf/video.swf?sa=1&si=1&i=42746&sct=bike http://www.grindtv.com/video/bike/freestyle_mountain_bikers_on_barge_in_sf_bay/
  3. monkeymarc

    NS SubUrban or TonicFab FallGuy?

    hello, im new on these forums and am thinking of building up a street/urban mountain bike, mostly for bmx-style freestyle kinda stunts :\ im currently stuck between the NS SubUrban and the TonicFab FallGuy, any suggestions? (oh yeah i think the FallGuy is gonna cost alot T_T) also, how much...