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    For Sale Fuji Reveal 29 1.1 with upgrades

    You are purchasing an excellent Fuji Reveal 29 1.1 mountain bike. This bike flies uphill and down. With its 125mm of rear travel, it soaks up the bumps while staying glued to the ground. The 130mm travel up front provides more than enough confidence to attack the roughest descents. The FSR...
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    Noobie used vs buying from lbs comparison

    I'm hung up between a 2012 Newest 1.0 used (seller said never ridden because of surgery) 2014 2.1 Sportif Fuji and 2014 Fuji 2.3 Sportif The Sportif 2.1 with taxes will cost me around $800. After that I sill need to purchase pedals which look to be around another $50. So essentially the bike...