1. S

    Places to ride in the south Jordan Utah area

    Im new to riding BMX regularly and im looking for some great Dirt Jump in the South Jordan area. Ive ridden all the parks but am looking for some dirt to ride? any places??
  2. M

    Urban Riders Bike Camp (Ages 11 to 14), Redmond

    Wanted to give a heads up about this upcoming (August 8th - 12th) bike camp for young teens, pre-teens. We did this last year and had a blast. This year there are still a few spots available. If you know any kids with nothing to do, send them our way. Yours, William Sponsored by...
  3. G

    Why so serious, forum?

    Yay first post! This is my first post on ridemonkey but I've been reading a lot. I just get to wondering why is everything so bike focused here? Every single post is a "this bike or that bike" Does nobody ever wonder about their technique, riding spots, or other stuff? Maybe even a forum...
  4. yesimaddicted

    NWD 9 Premier in San Fran next friday night

    San Francisco, CA October 10, 2008 Doors Open: 7:00 pm Show Starts: 8:00 pm Location:Chrome Headquarters 580 4th St All ages show, tickets 10$ Guest Djs Ice O and Echo 5 Host: SF DIRTLAB Contact: matt@sfdirtlab.com, 415-713-9587 im going for sure, who else??:monkeydance: