gary fisher

  1. KastleBravo

    Recovery Stories

    How to Get Your Bike Back I let a friend use my 20 year old Gary Fisher HKII. I gave him explicit instructions to lock it up if it was ever unattended--even for a minute--and handed him my 20 year old Kryptonite. Three weeks later I saw him on a girls bike. Here's what I did to get my bike...
  2. S

    Trek Gary Fisher Roscoe 29er

    Trek hinted at a long-travel 29 coming later this year. Looks like it's going to be called the Roscoe 29. This screen grab was taken from Trek's new Online Suspension Calculator.
  3. U

    DART 2 Problems

    I have a pair of new DART II front forks on my Gary Fisher, and i've noticed that after some beating on the downhills it starts to lose about half travel, and sags to about 50% when I'm sitting on it. When i ride out flat for a while, it goes back to normal. Is this a problem or defect? I...
  4. C

    Trek and Gary Fisher Demo, Saratoga Gap, April 11th

    Sorry, I'm going to be a bit lazy here and do a bit of cutting and pasting. The demo trucks are out in force for Sea Otter. I'm adding Trek and Gary Fisher to the list of demo trucks in the South Bay in the coming weeks. The truck will have carbon 29ers, road bikes, freeride bikes (yes, I know...
  5. H

    Welding Opinion

    I have an old Gary Fisher Piranha that I have stripped all the paint off and I have taken off the old brake line / shifter cable stays and polished them off to get an even more simplistic look. I also have drilled out the screw things (whatever they're called) that hold the bolts for the bottle...