1. Quo Fan

    !!!Bruins Stanley Cup Champs GMT!!!

    Morning monkeys! Gees, I get up late, and cruise the monkey eating breakfast, and IAB gets on my case. During the finals, If I watched the Bruins, they lost. If I didn't watch them, they won. I didn't watch them last night and they won. I'm taking full credit for the win. Be safe out...
  2. 5150dhbiker

    So I'm buying a gun and have tough decissions...

    Ok so I'm getting a .22 rifle and don't know what I really want. Any suggestions? Right now I'm thinking of a semi-auto tube feed or a lever action one. I've done A LOT of shooting growing up and well, I'd rather have a mini 14 ranch rifle but can't afford that so a .22 will do.
  3. daisycutter


    http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/10/20/regrets-theyve-had-a-few-dozen/?apage=2#comments October 20, 2010, 12:22 PM Regrets? Yes. And Money Was the Root of Them All. By THE NEW YORK TIMES Earlier this week, Christine Haughney, who writes the weekly column The Appraisal, described...
  4. sstalder5

    weak hangers????

    well to sum it up, i go through hangers like most people go through tubes.... alot of the time my derailleur gets screwed up way worse getting chewed up between the chainstay and the wheel then it would just getting hit by a stick. I just thought i was having really bad luck up until the...
  5. sanjuro

    MMA fans: What is the deal with TapouT?

    I watched a tiny bit of this show, and my only hope is when does the face makeup dude and the big hair guy get their asses beat up by a Mixed Martial Artist?