1. B

    For Sale Zerode G2 - Large

    Zerode G2 - Large The frame is in great shape, just a few small scratches and cable rub. All of the other components are in equally good shape. The wheels are good shape, smooth and dent free, the brakes are freshly bled with new pads, the suspension is recently serviced, the fork only has 2...
  2. ianjenn

    For Sale Zerode Taniwha

    PRICE DROP $5250 Looking to sell my LG Taniwha. It has low miles around 400 currently have had it built about 4 months now. I am looking to get the XL frame next time around. This is just a hair to small for me....see the build below. Buyer pays shipping would guess about $100-$150 does not...
  3. Fastdownwards

    The Story of Tollwut Gravity Bikes & the ultimate gearbox Racer

    The History of Tollwut gravity bikes: Aljoscha Schmidt well experienced in welding bike frames for a big german bike manufactory started to handcraft his own DH bike. The first prototyp in 2001: He sold a few bikes which are still up to date with the performance and hard to get on the used...
  4. ianjenn

    Braaap In The Trees

    Went up to Santa Cruz shoot some images with Mikey on the Zerode. Getting all sorts of style while carrying very aggressive corner speeds was awesome to shoot. As close to MX as you can get up there. But SUPER dark pushed my old camera hard.....
  5. H

    The Holy Grail. {What you have all been waiting for.}

    Well, the long awaited upgrades to the g-boxx2 platform have finally been rolled out. Everyone said they wanted a lighter weight to make it race-able. How does sub-41 pounds sound? Everyone said that they could not live with the clunky gripshifter. How about electronic push-button...