1. Harry BarnOwl

    New downhill bike and geometry woes

    Apologies if this topic has been done to death, but I'm weighing up options for a new big bike as unfortunately my evil undead has done something completely unexpected of an evil and cracked in three places. Warranty/crash replacement is a no go as Evil don't have any undead front triangles...
  2. P

    Handling: BB height vs drop.

    After building my 29er HT I've been thinking about bike geometry a lot and one thing keeps bugging me: the effect of bb height and drop on the handling. I'm pretty sure bb drop is responsible for how poppy a frame feels because it determines the 'tipping point', getting the front wheel off...
  3. aj-monkey

    Optional Cove Shocker dropouts.

    A few months back now the topic of optional dropouts on the Cove Shocker came up between CaptainSpauldin and I. We figured that the Shocker's replaceable dropouts made it perfect for a custom dropout that would allow a different geometry. After a few back and forth emails with North Shore...
  4. guiepinto

    2010 Demo 8 Geometry (not another BB height thread)

    Hey Guys! I’ve been comparing the 2010 Demo 8 geometry against the 2008 one. I found that a 2008 LARGE frame is longer than a 2010 MEDIUM one on the wheel base (KIND OF OBVIOUS), but the 2008 LARGE frame is shorter on the top tube length (SURPRISE FOR ME). Am I reading it...