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  1. eric strt6

    best laugh I've had in a while

    The wife and I were driving past the park in old town Los Gatos and got stopped at the light. At the edge of the park was a guy in a yellow tee shirt standing on a milk crate preaching. He was a member of the Rapture Cult out of Oakland and he was yelling to everyone yet no one how the...
  2. daisycutter

    Yahoomail account upgrade team

    I got this email on my yahoo email account. --- On Fri, 5/20/11, YAHOOMAIL ACCOUNT UPGRADE TEAM <upgrade@yahoo.com> wrote: From: YAHOOMAIL ACCOUNT UPGRADE TEAM <upgrade@yahoo.com> Subject: TERMINATION OF YOUR YAHOOMAIL ACCOUNT. To: Date: Friday, May 20, 2011, 3:02 AM Dear...
  3. dustyyoungblood

    OC Trail maintenance

    I haven't been out riding much this winter, and my local trails are very overgrown from all the rain. Saturday I went out on my usual loop near Ladera Ranch. I was happily surprised to see one gentleman spending his entire Sat with a weed-wacker and a can of gas, working alone, clearing several...
  4. A

    Anton Ö. Arnarson Edit

    Hey guys. New edit from Iceland, some new sh!t in this one. Anton Ã&#8211;rn Arnarson on Vimeo Hope you dig! Anton
  5. golgiaparatus

    I just couldn't do it.

    I had all the items picked out, everything I needed... but then I just said fuk it... I'm sticking with 9 speed for another year.

    Goddbye train wreck charlie!! Sheen fired!

    SAY GOOD BYE LOSER!!! :butcher: Today Charlie Sheen got FIRED! :clapping::weee: What a tool! YAAAAAY! Good bye for good and good riddance! Today, Warner Bros., announced they have fired Charlie Sheen from CBS's #1 comedy show, Two and a half men! Thank god! What a troll loser! He's just as...
  7. Toshi

    The futility of the Prius and the end of the world as we know it

    I sold my only car back in 2008 after having an epiphany that our western way of life is unsustainable. Recently, I've come to a more gradual realization that my reaction to it is futile. Here's how it all came to pass: The Epiphany Although I'd read this and that regarding the energy use...
  8. eric strt6

    in Portland with pics

    We have a room on the 21st floor of the Hilton
  9. MMike

    Oh dear. I have to go to Alabama

    Specifically Ft. Rucker. I've never been to Alabama. How many banjos should I bring?
  10. eric strt6

    car accident

    A man and his wife were arguing when they were involved in a serious car accident. The wife was killed instantly, the husband died a few days later and they met at Heaven's gate.... The wife wife says" we are finally together again!" The husband says "no freaking wayl I'm free... the deal...
  11. eric strt6

    Darwin stikes again

    Most excellent fail captured end to end
  12. 5150dhbiker

    musicians becoming "actors"

    Ok, ever since I was a little kid, Green Day has been one of my favorite bands of all time (along with Aerosmith, Van Halen and Blink 182). Well, it's old news but they have a play on Broadway called "American Idiot" named after one of their albums. Well, occasionally Billie Joe (lead singer for...
  13. SkaredShtles

    I know this is a bike site and all...

    But I'm going to the Home Opener for Steamboat. Leaving this evening to beat the Blizzard Warning which goes into effect at 6pm. http://my.steamboat.com/video/steamboat-opening-day-preview :cool:
  14. eric strt6

    it's rocking on the ridgeline tonight

    bolts of lightning illuminating the forest, the thunder just booming through the hills and the hail is just coming down Wheeeeee:weee: man I love winter storms
  15. CrabJoe StretchPants

    GFF would be proud....

    Conversation I just had with the cougar in the office: Me: I used to be a male stripper during college to help pay for books. Cougar: What kind of mail did you strip? Letters, envelopes or big packages? Me: You could say big packages were involved. *winks and walks away* I had to share...
  16. eric strt6

    getting there

    Two more hours until the horse show is over and I can go for a nce road ride. It's 70* out with just the hint of a breeze
  17. eric strt6

    Viva Giants

    fun game to be a Giants fan:weee:
  18. H8R

    Hawaii is effing awesome

    Just sayin.
  19. SkaredShtles

    In the High Country...

    The riding season just *might* be over for this year. :weee:
  20. SloMoJo

    Lazy A$$ Furnace

    If the women don't find ya Handsome ... They should at least find ya Handy. :boss: Starting the gas furnace they other day turned out to be a Fail. Pilot light would not stay lit. Had to replace something called a thermal coupler. Small metal rod stay hot enough to keep pilot gas...