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  1. badphish


    they're ****ed up. I usually don't remember them 5 minutes after waking up. The ones I do remember are usually pretty normal. Thought the one I had last night was worth sharing. In my dream I somehow became the Vice President. I can't remember if I was appointed or what. I just remember being...
  2. MMike


    Thanks to Aunt Sara, (aka Da Peach's wife), we now have a lovely full-size upright piano in our living room. We're going to "store" it for her for a while. Kids are loving it. I guess somebody should look into some lessons. So far it's been mostly "Don Music forehead slams into the...
  3. eric strt6

    I think she is a bit pissed off

    saw this at a gas station tonight. hottie but if I was him I'd run
  4. DirtMcGirk

    Anyone been to Sierra Leone?

    For some reason I have the urge to go to Sierra Leone. Anyone been?
  5. jimmydean

    Happy Birfday MMike!

    Haha, are you trading the Jeep for a Vette today? Happy birthday, eh.
  6. Pesqueeb

    Apparently, being an a$$hole gets you what you deserve..

    :mad: Or at least a series of potential misdemeanor's in Colorado Springs. My neighbor works in Denver for the FBI. I'm not really sure in what capacity, we never really talk, he's pretty reclusive. Lawn hardly ever gets mowed, lots of trash, house hasn't had paint in whats clearly been at...
  7. mantispf2000

    To the parent monkies......

    Disclaimer-- If this thread gives the power-guy-monkies tears, so be it. If not, well, you must not be a dad.............. yet. I was looking back yesterday, recalling many moments with Alaina. And I got to thinking-- when was that precise moment that I was over-whelmed by her love? Sure...
  8. eric strt6

    got a Droid X today

    So after many years with my trusty Blackberry Curve I made the jump to the Droid X on Verizon. So far I am really liking this phone:thumb: Very Intuitive and fast
  9. C

    CChris prepares for Arrival of MMike

    Hey All, As you know, MMike is moving the Family back to where he came from. Maybe the mountains aren't as tall; maybe the riding isn't as crazy; maybe the snow doesn't fall as deep; maybe the roads aren't as smooth; maybe the grocery stores don't have the same variety; maybe the cable TV...