get a fvcking life

  1. mandown

    Jesse James - down with the skankness

    Cheating on the wife is bad enough... and the wife is Sandra Bullock... and you picked this fine bit of "human" life to do it with? Get a lawyer and some shots. http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2010/03/news_flash_michelle_bombshell.html...
  2. CrabJoe StretchPants

    Office Bathroom WTF of the Day

    So the men's bathroom in our engineering department consists of 2 stalls, a urinal and 2 sinks. I'm at the urinal taking a leak, and another guy walks in, who also has to take a leak. Does he use one of the stalls (both of which were unoccupied)? No. He stands behind me and waits 'til I'm done...
  3. mattmatt86

    Women Grunting. Yay or Nay?

    I just saw a segment on Niteline about various people/groups complaining about the amount of grunting (specifically women) in tennis. I wish I could find a video clip of the segment but this article pretty much sums it up The grunt stops here: Tennis officials plan crackdown on noisy players...