1. dump

    Sorry, Adobe, you screwed yourself

    Read more here: http://innerdaemon.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/sorry-adobe-you-screwed-yourself/ My very recent personal experiences: I'm currently here working with CS3 photoshop on my work machine - it crashes and hangs regularly, and always has. It's workable, but sometimes annoying. When...
  2. $tinkle

    teh gimp steelz mah kwalitee

    is there anyway to reduce a 16-color ppm from 1024 to 640 w/o losing sharpness of text? making a splash logo for my bootloader
  3. N8 v2.0

    Anyone get their vehicle's oil changed lately?

    The cost is up nearly 30%! I have never fallen for the oil change business's "3000 mile oil change" mantra instead opting for the manufacturer's recommended intervals...