glory hole

  1. X3pilot

    My eyes have seen the glory

    of turning off my TV, finally. Why, oh why? The joke material in that picture and statement alone are gold, where to start?
  2. brungeman

    I am going to become an Iowa fan!

    damn! heard about this on the radio, and a quick search says it's true! http://www.bittenandbound.com/2008/11/27/lois-feldman-fired-after-metrodome-sex-arrest-photos/ :monkeydance: :rofl:
  3. T

    BIG pedals?

    I have huge feet (size 16 in mens, US sizes that is). My current pedals (some generic Wellgo ****e) hurt my feet on long rides. Anybody know of some nice, oversize, clipless platform type pedals? Or are all flat/platform pedals the same size? Still, what are some good pedals. I'm...