1. johnbryanpeters

    &^) Who'd Nest day (^&

    S'posed to be hot...
  2. johnbryanpeters

    <@> Mem day GMT <@>

    Someone had to say it.... Slept like a rock last night. Consuming very strong coffee.
  3. johnbryanpeters

    *** Shun day ****

    Drinking coffee in scenic Kerhonkson, considering where to ride today.

    TGIF, well, not really.

    Aah, thank God it's friday. Another weekend I can try to get to fix my mountain bike for the spring next month. BUT WAIT!!! What sound breaketh's through yonder cell phoneth!!? Tis my 80 year old Mother with another project for me to do, THIS WEEKEND!! AAARRRRGGG!!! :rant: Last week, I found out...
  5. TreeSaw

    ~~~ No GMT Today 4/23 ~~~

    Woah! It's after 11am and there's no GMT yet? What do we pay you guys for anyway ;) Had a nice 28.5 mile road ride last night. It was cold and almost dark when I finished, but it was fun. Supposed to rain today so I'll do some indoor work tonight. I am bummed that my Mavic order hasn't...
  6. TreeSaw

    ~~~ HAPPY EARTH DAY aka GMT 4/22/03 ~~~

    Happy Earth Day Monkeys! Last night was pretty quiet around my house. Sq-Earl bailed on his ride due to the rain that didn't end yesterday. Tonight I am supposed to co-lead a road ride with one of my team mates so hopefully I get home in time to actually work on my road bike before I go...