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    38 Grip2 VVC vs. Custom Tuned Grip1

    Rider info: 6’7, 240lbs, aggressive rider, occasionally race enduro, socal trails Bike setup: transition sentinel v2, 170mm fox 38 grip2 vvc fork setup (clicks from fully closed): 128psi 0 tokens HSR: 1 LSR: 4 HSC: 6 LSC: 10 For my riding style and weight, would the grip2 with a face shim be...
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    Advice needed - Fox 36 Grip 2 Sag Madness

    Hey gang, I recently purchased a pre-owned 2019 Ibis Ripmo with the Grip 2 Damper on the Fox 36 and man, am I having a Hell of a time... I began by setting up the suspension the same way I always have - starting with the manufacturer recommendations and tweaking from there but after two months...