1. Flo33

    ODI Snap Cap end plugs

    I run a pair of Odi Cross Trainers on my trail bike which need replacement. Just bought new grips and wanted to swap the Snap Cap™ plugs - to no success. These little bastards won't come off the worn lock rings. I tried to widen the end cap by twisting a flat bladed screwdriver between the slit...
  2. boylagz

    Gloveless You Say? kidwoo's Guide To Bltchin' Grips

    I go gloveless at times, so thanks for this. I ride the Sensus, & it is AWESOME :D http://blistergearreview.com/gear-reviews/best-bike-grips-for-going-gloveless Yo woo, are the Free Agents as thick as Rogues? A lil thinner?
  3. max.broman

    Grip suggestions.

    I love grips with the feel of ODI Ruffians, love that diamond pattern, so comfy. But I've got huge hands, so I hate riding a bike for a while with grips with a narrow outside diameter. The ones that come on the 2011 Demo 8s were too thin hands got sore from being wrapped around them, would...
  4. N

    What DH Grips should I use? Goggles?

    I have ridden at North Star a handfull of times. The only thig that I cant figure out is why my hands go numb after about 6 hrs. of riding. I have a pair of ODI Oury lock on grips on my bike and the stock Specilaized DH bars and every day my hands are dead? I have fairly large hands but Im not...