1. frango

    Race Face Ambush Knee Guard/Pads (2010)

    Hi, I haven't found any info/review about mentioned pads on RM, so I start a new thread... Are there any users on RF Ambush Knee 2010 or 2011 pads out there? There is good offer on CRC which is very tempting. http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=48770 Pls advise.
  2. B

    Which elbow guards should I get? TLD, RaceFace, IXS...

    Hi guys, After having my elbows torn last days, I'm considering buying some elbow guards. They would be used mainly at 4x races, so they must not affect my feeling of the bike. Good comfort and ventilation (so that I can wear them in hot days) highly recommended, don't have to be...
  3. Iridemtb

    A bit of help please~knee/shin guards.

    Ok so I am in the market for a new pressure suit. I currently have one of these:http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/images/661-06-pressure.jpg But I want something a little bit more flexible and or breathable. I was looking at...
  4. Iridemtb

    A bit of help here?~Pressure suit/knee guards.

    Ok, so I have a pressure suit, but I am in the market for something a little more flexible if possible. Here is what I currently have: http://www.pricepoint.com/images/styleimages/D_535%20SSOPS7.jpg I am looking at this...