1. Huck Banzai

    For Sale Hadley DH Hub Set - 36h - Excellent Condition

    2011 Hadley DH 110 x 20 R11.0 36h 2011 Hadley SDH XL 150 x 12 R11.0 36h Hubs are in Excellent condition with only minor spoke marks and cassette body marks. New bearings in front hub.
  2. Nick

    another Hadley question ...

    I have two hubs, one 36pt engagement and one 72pt, would switching them be as easy as swapping the freehub bodies and pawls from one hub to the other? I'm assuming that the drive shells in the hubs are identical, and the engagement is achieved with a different arrangement of pawls (ex: offset...
  3. -dustin

    Hadley MSRP

    anyone have a current breakdown of Hadley's MSRP? Just looking for QR and 10mm thru-axle prices. Are they still considered a stout hub? Compared to something like a Hope Pro 2 (which I don't really like)? Any other recommendations for a solid set of hubs, rear hub especially? Possibly...