1. S

    2011 Yeti 575 hanger flaw?

    I bought a year end yeti in December last year. I am wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the fragility of the rear hanger. I have ridden the bike quite a bit, but never had a catastrophic crash on it. I have gone through three hangers since April. The hangers break at times when...
  2. B

    Brand X MKIII derailleur hanger?

    I need help locating a new derailleur hanger for my brand x mk III which i bought from chain reaction. heres a link to the exact bike.. http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=12528 CRC told me that the cube 10101 derailleur hanger would be compatable but it is out of stock on...
  3. sstalder5

    weak hangers????

    well to sum it up, i go through hangers like most people go through tubes.... alot of the time my derailleur gets screwed up way worse getting chewed up between the chainstay and the wheel then it would just getting hit by a stick. I just thought i was having really bad luck up until the...