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  1. N

    Rear Tire Won't fit

    Newbe here, I am trying to build a dirt juper out of a Haro Steel Reserve 8 frame that I bought on ebay. I tried to install a 2.2 rear tire but it rubs the frame badly. I checked the tire size that the bike comes with from the factory before buying this tire. I can't imagine the tolerance...
  2. MTBXRacing

    Rear Wheel Help

    I Have a Haro .357 that I removed the floating brake arm because of noise and have the correct drop outs in place. I noticed now I have about 1/2" of play on the axle that the rear hub/cassette can slid about between the swing arm. The floating brake arm mount had a bearing assembly that took up...
  3. H

    haro escape 8.2 question

    Okay. I finally bought a frame. I have started buying parts for it and run into a problem. I talked to a mechanic one of my LBS's and she said that the headtube needed a 1 1/4" headset with reducers because it was a "wierd headtube". I kinda thought this was bull so I went and looked...