haters gonna hate

  1. ZUMBI

    Zumbi F44 prototype with Boosty electric motor system video

    New video trailer of Zumbi F44 with prototype Boosty electric motor system. zumbi f44 trailer on Vimeo http://www.zumbicyles.com and http://www.boosty.ch film presented thanks to Rafal Zawada from http://www.bieguni.pl
  2. demo 9

    New i9 policy?

    So i went to order 2 hubs and a set of spokes from i9. Turns out, they refuse to sell to me(or my shop) because they must build the wheel to ensure quality control. I have ordered 2 wheels worth of spokes in the past without a problem what so ever. (which obviously i built into a wheel) Turns...
  3. Beast

    2011 National Champs to be held in North Carolina

  4. demo 9

    Advice from the east coasters

    Anywhere to race a slalom/4X hardtail anywhere around here. I ask because cleaning my basement, i have enough parts (except the frame/derailleur) to build up a 4x hardtail. I know there are slalom tracks, but for a hardtail to be efficient they have to be pretty smooth and groomed. Im racin...
  5. demo 9

    ken blockhead strikes again

    pretty impressive i think :thumb: